Collector Stickers ™ circus sets are wonderfully detailed drawings of people, animals and props that are in scale with one another, and intended to be used with one another... but how you choose to use them is up to you.

Many of our characters were designed to be used in more than one position, opening up creative possibilities for their use. Characters from different sets can be mixed in the picture you make.

You can create glorious cards, or painting-like scenes. You can add a character or so on an envelope to a friend, or use them to create amazing scrapbook pages. By using just a few Collector Stickers ™ on a wrapped present, you can make it really special. You'll find it fun to use these splendidly– drawn and made – stickers.

We have used the finest materials and techniques to produce stickers that we hope set a new level in the field. They are closely die-cut and beautifully printed. They have been made fade-resistant with a protective UV coating. The close die cut requires care be used to remove each character. We have printed them on paper that is acid-free and found suitable for library and archival use. As well, the adhesive is acid-free, and suitable for archival and photographic use. Even so, it is generally a good rule not to use a sticker directly on a photograph or document important to you.

Sticker Sets 1-4 measure 5" x 7", come with a backing sheet and are $2 each. The juggler sticker is part of a roll and is 2" x 3" and costs 65 cents each. Shipping is free with any other purchase. Sticker-only orders will pay $3.50 total shipping.

Sticker Set 1

Sticker Set 2


Sticker Set 3

Sticker Set 4

Juggler Sticker
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