A variety of Kai scissors for a multitude of uses!

What makes these scissors special is an extra honing step I put on them... beyond factory sharp... that gives a razor-like edge. Others may sell similar looking scissors, but, without the razor honed edge, they are just nice scissors.

Click the LOOK button to see an actual (approximate) life-sized scan. All scissors ship for $1 a pair in the US, check the international shipping costs in the prices page.

The Blessed Scissors

These are the scissors that stampers are raving about! The large, comfortable handles and the razor-honed blades allow you to closely trim rubber dies using very little pressure. 6.5" $17


Long Blessed Scissors

The longer blade is great for straight cuts, too. Same comfortable handle. 7.75" $19


Detail Scissors

These extremely sharp scissors are excellent for close trimming of rubber dies, and great for fabric and paper, too. 5.25" $16


Tiny Trimmers

Ideal for snipping paper and fibers for collage art. Also wonderful for jewelry, embroidery and all delicate non-rubber uses. 4" $14


Detail & Cushion Scissors

A bit larger than Detail Scissors, but capable of tight cuts on rubber and paper. Also good for cushion. 6.5" $17



Jim's Favorite Cushion Scissors

These fine shears have heavy steel knife-edge blades which cut to the tip without separating, and the large comfortable handles allow you to easily cut through thick rubber cushion. 8.25" $19



These scissors are the same size and shape as Jim's Favorite Cushion Cutters, but these blades have a true left-handed reverse position and the handle is reversed to fit the wiser hand. 8.25" $20



Sharpening Services

Send us your dull scissors and we'll sharpen and recondition them and return them to you quickly. Securely attach a tag with your name and address to each pair of scissors you send to us, and please print legibly as this will be your return shipping label. Since there is no bank in the lil' town I live in, I sharpen only for cash. Please note price change due to postal rate increases, $6 (cash only) per pair for standard scissors. Please clean scissors before sending.


last modified April 11, 2008