All plates of rubber are the prices marked plus shipping (see below).

Sticker Sheet Sets are $2 each. The juggler sticker is on a roll and is $.65 each. Stickers can be shipped for free (really!) in combination with any other order. Sticker-only orders will pay $3.50 total US shipping on as many stickers as you want to order. (international shipping see below)

Scissors are priced as marked on the scissor page and are $1 each to ship in the US. (International shipping, see below.)

Up to four sheets of rubber can ship in the US for $4.50. Additional sheets add $1 per.

International Shipping:

Up to four pounds ship Global Priority for $9

Canada and Mexico shipping up to four pounds is $5.

Appropriate shipping costs will be added to your charge. Write us for further clarification, or if sending a check or money order.

Send checks/money orders/scissors to be sharpened/fan mail to:

Box 250
(or 271 Elm Road for UPS)
Bolinas CA 94924

or phone/fax in your order the old-fashioned way:

phone: 415-868-1470
fax: 415-868-1939

California residents will pay 7.5% sales tax.

Angel Policy:

While electronic and mechanical reproduction of Circustamp images is not allowed, you may use these images, when hand stamped, or in the case of Collector Stickers, hand applied, on items made for sale.
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