As a collector, I have noticed how a collection, as it grows, becomes more interesting than having only a few examples of the same subject.

My friend, Terry Bell, a fine graphic artist, and I were playing darts one day when we mused about creating a universe of characters for rubber stamps – original drawings, in scale with one another, and designed to be used interchangeably, but how they would be used would be up to the stamper.

This collection is the result of years of thinking and drawing following that idea.

Our circus was an astounding and marvelous group of people, props and animals that would arrive to amaze, make one laugh, and remember the wonder of a huge elephant, or the snarl of a tiger, the skill of a juggler, or the grace and bravery of the trapeze artists – a timeless circus.

Our characters can be used to create unique birthday cards, or wrapping paper, or for storytelling, scrapbooking, or for making fantasy journals. They also stamp well on fabric.

It is a collection worth having.

Jim Marcus

drawings by Terry Bell
last modified 4 March, 2002 2:20